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Myotronics have been leaders in the field of neuromuscular dentistry for over 40 years. They develop and manufacture state of the art evaluation and treatment devices for dentists. Since 1964, Myotronics has pioneered and led this field, producing high quality products that have enabled what has come to be known as “Neuromuscular Dentistry” as well as gathering of additional scientific data to enhance the clinician’s ability to diagnose complex cases of malocclusion. By keeping abreast of technological advancements the Company has dramatically increased the simplicity of operation and the ability to better process and display captured data. Quality of product and strong customer support further cement Myotronics’ position as a global leader of this industry.

Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief India LLP (ICPRI LLP) is the sole distributor of all their products in SAARC and Middle East region.

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                                        J5 Myomonitor TENS Unit                                          

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K7 Evaluation System

The evolution and improvement of instrumentation for the neuromuscular dentist has continued through a succession of models. Today’s J5 Myomonitor TENS Unit and K7 Evaluation System incorporate the very latest in technology, providing dentists with more information than ever to aid in their diagnosis and treatment of occlusal irregularities. Myotronics prides itself in the quality and after-sale support of our products. Myotronics products are utilized in clinical practices and in research settings in dozens of countries throughout the world. The products are used prominently in research projects in many international universities Myotronics offers an accredited continuing education program and co-sponsors courses in both the U.S. and Internationally.

Go to www.myotronics.com for further information.

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Solace Lifesciences, Inc., the makers of NuCalm (U.S. Patent Registration No.: 9,079,030; Issued July 14, 2015), was founded in 2002 with the expressed intent to help people lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. In 2010 we launched our flagship product, NuCalm. NuCalm is an all-natural, drug-free, stress intervention system that rapidly and reliably interrupts the stress response at the midbrain and guides people to a deeply relaxed state. NuCalm is the only patented technology in the world for “systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system.

Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief India LLP (ICPRI LLP) have been associated with NuCalm since 2014. We are looking forward to providing enhancing and life changing performance improvement to interested sports teams and individuals.


Professional athletes endure significant physical, psychological, and emotional stress. With all the stressors that accompany the lifestyle of professional athletes, the actual competitive event may be the least stressful daily experience. There is constant pressure for players to handle all these demands and perform at their highest levels day-in and day-out. Expectations are set by management, teammates, and fans as well as from the athletes themselves. Millions of dollars are invested in their ability to perform to their full potential. As a result, athletes (and those around them) are continually in search of an “edge”- something that allows them to maximize output and minimize obstacles to success.

NuCalm® is a safe, all-natural, patented neuroscience technology, clinically proven to help athletes rest and restore in order to maintain a healthy internal balance and achieve optimal performance. NuCalm naturally relaxes the body within minutes without drugs or side effects. Using biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology, NuCalm rapidly and reliably creates deep relaxation, allowing the body to recover, restore and rejuvenate.


NuCalm interrupts the stress response at its source in the midbrain and rapidly transitions the body to a deeply relaxed state.


1. Use NuCalm supplementation.

2. Apply a CES patch behind each ear and use microcurrent to facilitate relaxation.

3. Fit headphones, turn on NuCalm software, and adjust volume.

In several minutes you begin to draw deeper breaths, your body feels heavier, and your mind wanders as you enter your body’s recovery zone. NuCalm allows you to experience a concentrated reboot at the cellular level. NuCalm Supplementation Proprietary formulation of inhibitory neurotransmitters (amino acids) that interrupt the adrenaline response and prepare the brain for relaxation. The NuCalm supplements are NSF Certified for Sport®. The all-natural ingredients are hypoallergenic, non-addictive, and regulated as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. NuCalm Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) A sub-sensory microcurrent is used to catalyze the effectiveness of the NuCalm supplementation to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. Research shows CES helps balance the brain’s neurochemistry by reestablishing optimal neurotransmitter levels. NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software Proprietary frequency-following response, neuroacoustic software entrains brain wave function to the Alpha and Theta state. NuCalm Light- Blocking Eye Mask Blocks visual stimulation and maintains the relaxed state.

NuCalm turns off stress and suspends the body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance, which is the only time the body is capable of healing. The physiologic benefits of NuCalm include: Feeling of wellness NuCalm promotes autonomic nervous system balance and triggers cellular maintenance - removing toxins and accelerating recovery Neuromuscular release NuCalm reduces muscle tension, lactic acid build up, and inflammation

Increased clarity and focus NuCalm reduces stress at the midbrain and improves decision making

Improved sleep NuCalm grooms the body for better restorative sleep and restores circadian rhythm regulation


Competitive athletes have to avoid or overcome many obstacles – overtraining, injuries, team dynamics, recuperation, mental mistakes, dieting issues, sleep issues, travel, day-to-day stress, etc.  Competing in professional athletics requires a singular focus on results and maintaining a high level of fitness. One of the key factors to success is rest and recovery. The best way to rest and recover is through restorative sleep. NuCalm has been used by professional athletes with exceptional results. Benefits of NuCalm use for professional athletes are described below. Muscle Recovery When athletes exert themselves in workouts or competitive events, lactic acid builds up in the active muscle groups. NuCalm suspends the body in a deeply relaxed state (parasympathetic nervous system dominance), resulting in the flow of oxygenated red blood cells throughout the entire body. The oxygenated red blood cells flush out the lactic acid in areas of physical tension. This significantly aids in muscle recovery postexertion and prepares muscles for better performance. For the body to heal and recover, you must be in parasympathetic nervous system dominance. NuCalm brings you to this state within minutes and helps the body reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. Performance When athletes can minimize distractions before and during an event, they achieve better results.  NuCalm brings athletes to a place of deep relaxation where they can focus on the upcoming event and clear their mind of distractions.  The meditative state that NuCalm provides also helps clear away distractions or self-doubt. Restorative Sleep NuCalm primes the GABAergic system, which is responsible for slowing down internal systems and preparing the body for sleep.  Research proves restorative sleep is essential to consolidating muscle memory into the sensory motor strip. Without restorative sleep, any new muscle movement you practiced that day will not be integrated into muscle memory. Research at Harvard Medical School shows a 45-minute treatment of NuCalm is equivalent to more than two hours of deep restorative sleep.

Go to www.nucalm.com for further information.

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Unique dento-orthopedic instructional model

In 1985, Dr. Jules Hesse designed a unique dento-orthopedic instructional model. This is a self explanatory high-quality and technically ingenious model that enables the clinician to teach patients in a clear and simple way, the complex situations in the head and neck area.

The model has been technically improved in the course of the years and provided with some additional features. Orthodontists, oral surgeons, dental gnathologists, dental implantologists, TMJ specialists and orofacial physiotherapists can use this aid for diagnostics and treatment planning.

Go to www.biomecmodels.com for further information.

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Founded in 1997 by Ray Foster,Las Vegas Esthetics has become one of the premier dental laboratories in the world. Having been one of a select few laboratories chosen to participate at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) has given Las Vegas Esthetics the opportunity to learn from the best in the dental field, enabling them to become leaders in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. Las Vegas Esthetics have built their reputation on creating expert products, specializing in neuromuscular dentistry and high-end esthetics. Each case receives the scrupulous attention of one of their technicians, and to ensure quality and accuracy, each case is meticulously reviewed.

Las Vegas Esthetics’ absolute confidence in their products is reflected in their five-year guarantee. In the rare event that a case requires a correction, theu will handle it free of charge.

Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief India LLP (ICPRI LLP) have required rights to sell their products in South Asia and Middle East. The products mainly are:

    • Neuromuscular Orthotics – Fixed and Removable
    • Sports appliances branded as The Right Bite Oralguards:
    1. Single arch for non-contact sports
    2. Double for contact sports

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