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A lot of research is going on and has been published throughout the world on TMD signs and symptoms, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in both medical and dental journals. The area is very controversial as there are two schools of thought about the basis of TMD. One thought points TMD to a psycho-social (emotional) condition and the other to a physical/functional disorder.

The dentists who believe that TMD is a physical/functional disorder use various therapeutic modalities like computerized measurement devices to record, scrutinize, analyze jaw movements, muscle and TMJ joint function.  Other dentists who believe TMD has no physical but only a psychological basis, test their patients with written questionnaires to determine their emotional and psychological status. Their treatment includes counselling, relaxation techniques and the prescription of a variety of medications. Both the approaches have various studies published in dental journals about the success of treatment. But these studies involve only “how patient feel and function” or “how does the doctor think patient feel and function”. That is why these results are not scientific and not reproducible. Since NMD is still in its nascent stage, lots more scientific research is going on and with concrete results, proving the efficacy of NMD on treating TMD.

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