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OSA can be treated with following ways:

  • The most popular but cumbersome and costly method is using a C-PAP machine, which is a ventilator like device that straps to your face, like a mask, and pushes in air at a high pressure; enough to push your tongue and jaw forward. Patient compliance and cost is a big issue, especially now when we compare with the pocket friendly smaller oral appliances.

  • Patients with AHI of 3 to 30 can be treated with oral appliances. These appliances basically hold the mandible in a forward position with the support of your upper jaw. It needs to worn only during your sleep and costs only a third of a C-PAP machine.

  • If AHI is more than 30, it can be treated with C-PAP’S (or both) (Fig.14, Fig.15). 

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The treatment is basically getting rid of airway occlusions. Before starting treatment, the patient needs to be cleared by the ENT specialist for any nasal/throat obstructions. Now the tongue needs to be kept forward during sleep with adjustable custom made oral appliances. These are constructed by recording the correct bite-registration; which is normally 30% of maximum opening and 70% of maximum mandibular protrusion also CHECKING FOR ADEQUATE MUSCLE FACILITATION. This helps in keeping the mandible and the attached tongue in a forward position opening up the airway.
The C-PAP also works in an almost similar manner by passing positive air pressure through the nostrils, thus opening the airway. However, due to its cumbersome nature, more and more patients are now opting for oral appliances (Fig.16)

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