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As part of our endeavour to popularise and promote the science of NMD, ICPRI is now getting the brand name "The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care" to become synonymous with the physiological approach to treating TMD and OSA. All our current clinical tie ups are in the process of making this change as soon as possible to ensure a complete and emphatic treatment protocol for patients all over India.

The Right Bite CPC, as the name says, is all about finding the right bite for the patient in pain, to enable them live a normal life again. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Rajesh, we will guide the NMD trained dentists to treat patients of TMD & OSA at our franchise clinics. Our franchise centres are well equipped to treat TMD & OSA patients with NMD.

The highlight of our treatment centre is the Faraday Cage. Although electrical current is very precise in developed nations, it is a nightmare in India. Even the frequency of electrical current changes from room to room. The NMD equipments are very sensitive and the electrical cables cause so much electromagnetic interference that none of the readings outside our NMD clinic would ever be consistent. That is why the concept of a room built on the basis of a Faraday Cage is introduced, so that all these interferences are cleared and the readings become consistent. All our center have room with Faraday Cage sheilding.

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