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TMJ Headache / Migraine Treatment

Headache is the most common symptom of TMD & OSA. It may occur at the back of head or forehead or most commonly in the temporal area. Also, migraines are normally caused due to tension in the meningeal folds of the brain; which is actually supplied by the meningeal nerve – an offshoot of the Trigeminal Nerve.

In TMD, headaches occur due to improper occlusion (tooth bite). Regular use of improper bite leads to headaches that do not respond to traditional treatments or medicines.

Tmj headache and Migraine Treatment Delhi, Bangalore

In OSA, patients generally complain of headaches on waking up (due to the physiological response of clenching/grinding due to OSA) that may last up to the afternoon. Headache occurs due to lack of oxygen in the blood stream. This is because of inability of the patient to breathe in deeply or get enough oxygen. This leads to insufficiency of oxygen and also decreased exhalation of carbon dioxide. Thus leading to headache as the person wakes up in the morning. With the orthotic on, the bite is more physiological allowing smooth flow of gases in the respiratory system.

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